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Most Underutilized Trees You Should Consider Planting

Woodlawn trees are available in various root size containers, 10 gal. – 280 gal. Not all trees are available in each size. Please contact us for specific information on a certain tree of interest.

Tree of the Season!


Scientific Name:
Ostrya virginiana
A small to medium sized, native shade tree. And quite nice with its flaking bark that somehow blends perfectly with the medium green foliage. Fall color is yellow. Bark and structure make...

Hornbeam (American)

Scientific Name:
Carpinus caroliniana
Rich summer foliage with a dash of reddish new growth. Fall colors of yellow, orange, red and burgundy. Fine textured structure with fluted trunk to add winter interest.And it's a native! Sm...

Katsura Tree

Scientific Name:
Cercidiphyllum japonica
The Katsura tree, native to Japan, makes an excellent specimen or shade tree in the landscape. Its foliage offers an array of color throughout the year. In spring, heart-shaped leaves emerge...

Lilac (Peking 'Beijing Gold')

Scientific Name:
Syringa pekinensis 'Beijing Gold'
A Tree Lilac with good form and excellent late spring flowers. The bark is not as showy as the 'China Snow' but the outline is superior with a straighter stem and a more balanced growth habi...

Lilac (Peking 'China Snow')

Scientific Name:
Syringa pekinensis 'China Snow'
The flowers are pleasing and the bark is sensational, especially in winter when we're all looking for that eye candy in the garden. The reddish bark is reminiscent of the Paperbark Maple and...

Locust ('Twisty Baby')

Scientific Name:
Robinia pseudoacacia 'Lace Lady'
A great conversation piece. Twisty Baby is a mostly sterile cultivar of the native Black Locust that inhabits abandoned fields and disturbed sites of Appalachia. The foliage is a striking gr...

Maacki (Amur)

Scientific Name:
Maacki amurense
This is a handsome, yet little known and used tree. The foliage emerges a unique blue-green, maturing to a rich dark green. The panicles of white flowers bloom midsummer when few other trees...

Magnolia (Elizabeth)

Scientific Name:
Magnolia x ‘Elizabeth’
A very well mannered and adaptable small tree that that matures at about 20’ high and wide. Elizabeth flowers are less gaudy than the Saucer Magnolia but are not as messy and much less likel...

Maple (Japanese 'Tamakeyama')

Scientific Name:
Acer palmatum 'Tamakeyama')
This is one of the cutleaf or 'dissectum' Japanese Maples with individual lobes separated from each other. Weeping habit, red foliage and small size maturing only to 4-6' in height. A popula...

Maple (Manchurian)

Scientific Name:
Acer mandshuricum
A small tree. Rarely known. And even more rarely used. Manchurian Maple is a trifoliate maple, closely related to the Paperbark Maple. Manchurian Maple has pleasing bark. The Paperbark even...