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Maple, Red 'Sun Valley'

Acer rubrum 'Sun Valley'

Red Maple tree (Sun Valley)

Although Red Maple trees exhibit red spring flowers, pleasant shade, and exceptional fall color, Red Maples are, as a species, an ornamental inferiority to the flaming Sugar Maple. The Red Maple does hold one trump card over the Sugar Maple, however: it tolerates urban conditions much better. Is there any way to have the best of both of these worlds?
There is! The Red Maple cultivar 'Sun Valley' has been selected for superior ornamental traits almost matching those of the Sugar Maple, while retaining the amenability to urban culture of the Red Maple. As you can imagine, 'Sun Valley' Maples are very desirable trees.

With its smaller leaves and lovely orange-red fall color, 'Sun Valley's' spring flowers and fall color are enhanced by blending it with evergreens. Pruning to develop structure is very important as this tree is prone to developing co-dominant stems. 'Sun Valley' maples grow 50'-60' high and 30'-40' wide with a pleasantly rounded crown. One word of caution is in order: Red Maple trees are widely planted, sometimes to the point of creating mono-cultures; choose another tree if you or your neighbors have 10% or more of this species.

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