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Fir, Manchurian

Abies holophylla

Needles of the Manchurian Fir

The Manchurian Fir, or Abies holophylla, exhibits the elegant, rich green foliage of many others in the genus Fir. However, the Manchurian Fir is narrow and conical with a more open and informal habit than most other Firs. It is a noble tree that makes an excellent stand-alone specimen, reaching 30'-50' in height with a spread of 20'-30.'
Because of its partial-shade tolerance, Manchurian Fir can also be used as an understory evergreen in a grove or grouping. It prefers moist, although not water-logged, soil and does tolerate even heavy clay soil. Manchurian Fir has no serious insect or disease problems.
Plant a Manchurian Fir today and enjoy the noble beauty of the genus Fir!

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