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Native Woodland Restoration

Appalachia has been invaded!

The haunting beauty of many of our native woodlands has been invaded by weedy exotics such as Ailanthus, Autumn Olive, Bush Honeysuckle and other aggressive plants. The result is an unattractive, dense tangle that has choked out our native plants. Whether its a small grove in suburbia or a large multi-acre woodlot, the protocol for restoring native woodlands has two objectives: suppress the invasives and re-establish native plants.

illustration of woodland restoration

Suppress the invasives

Removing aggressive, unwanted plants is challenging. The best practices involve interruption of the reproduction and life cycles of unwanted plants. There are also registered chemicals which, with careful use, can safely and effectively eliminate many unwanted species.

Restoring native plants

For a restoration project to be successful, it is important that desirable plants are immediately established. Selection of plants should be made based on environmental conditions and what is native to the area being restored. Woodlawn has a good supply of root pruned native trees that, with proper care, will establish quickly.

Woodlawn Native Restoration Service

We offer full consultation and restoration services for your invaded land. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us. For more information on technical support or to schedule a restoration project Contact Us