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Specialty Evergreens

We have a large selection of elegant, slow-growing evergreens. Specimen plants that can live for decades if not centuries, they will continue to delight future generations.

Japanese White Pine cultivars are some of the best. Wonderful accents for buildings or other structures, they are not susceptible to any pest or insect problems that I know of. The foliage is grouped at the ends of the branches, forming something of a pipe-brush shape.

Remember that Dwarf Alberta Spruce that you just removed from beside your porch steps? You know, that half-dead, pyramidal tree that looked like an assembly line product and was riddled with Spider Mites? Well, how about we replace it with a Suncrest Spruce? A Suncrest is a dwarf cultivar of the Norway Spruce and was selected by Greg Gulden of Suncrest Gardens in Mount Holly Springs! Comparing the Suncrest to a Dwarf Alberta is like comparing a 2020 BMW to a 2000 Renault. Nuff said.

Then there's Gowdy Spruce, Silver Fir, Bristlecone Pine...

These specialty evergreens all have three things in common: elegance, few problems, and very slow growth. This translates into a durable, beautiful evergreen that doesn't quickly outgrow its space and will provide many years of magnificent service. The ones we have here at Woodlawn are good-sized, and you won't need to wait for them to grow out of babyhood.