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Spotted Lanternfly

They insert a tubular spear into your tree and take out the good stuff; the sugary sap that's critical to the tree's welfare. They take much more than they need and drop the leftovers onto vehicles, patios and sidewalks. The result? Weakened trees and a sticky, slippery mess. 

To identify the Spotted Lanternfly in the early nymph stage, look for a black coat with white spots. As it matures into the second nymph stage, the black coat will turn red. Adults have grey wings with black spots. As they spread their wings, they reveal the brilliantly colored inner wings. Handsome in appearance but bad news for your trees.

We have tools to combat this invader and are here to help you. Call or text me at 717-226-2732. We'll team up with you to save your trees and property.