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Woodlawn Tree Inventory

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Underutilized Trees You Should Consider Planting

Woodlawn trees are available in various root size containers: 5 gal. – 280 gal. Not all trees are available in each size. We grow, sell, and install big trees also. We can handle trees up to 8” in diameter and up to 30’ tall. You can have instant shade and instant screening at a modest cost. Our compact equipment enables us to place large trees in small areas. Please contact us for specific information on a certain tree of interest.

Scientific Name: Viburnum prunifolium
One of our most resilient native small trees, Blackhaw Viburnum, or Viburnum prunifolium, thrives as an understory tree or along the edges of woodlands and successfully competes with some of...
Scientific Name: Cladrastis kentukea
The American Yellowwood, or Cladrastis kentukea, is a low-branching native shade tree exhibiting a broad, rounded crown and a trunk that strongly resembles a beech tree with the same smooth,...