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Maple, (Rock, Sugar, Hard)

Acer saccharum

Trunk and leafy branches of a Sugar Maple

A main component of the Eastern U.S. hardwood forest, Sugar Maple, or Acer saccharum, is one of the trees most responsible for giving New England its reputation for spectacular fall color, and if the situational requirements can be met, it is the one of the best large shade trees available. Soft, light-green flowers in the spring and rich, dark-green foliage in the summer, when combined with the grey, furrowed bark and winter structure, would be more than enough to place this tree high on any list of landscape trees. But Sugar Maple unites all this with its unrivaled fall color: brilliant reds, oranges, and yellows - sometimes all three on the same tree! Few other trees come close to it in the autumn season. Sugar Maple does need moist, well-drained soil and a pollution-free environment, however.

Acer saccharum, growing 40'-80' tall with a slightly smaller spread, will add to any location where it has the room to grow and contributes much to lawns, parks, golf courses, and campuses. It can serve as a specimen, be grouped with evergreens to enhance its autumn foliage effect (as if it needed enhancing), stand outlined against the sunrise or sunset in the dormant season… the possibilities are endless.

Table of tree prices
Tree Container SizeStem CaliperPlant HeightPrice
#101.75-2"8sold out
#152-2.5"10-12'$159 (summer 2023)
#202.25"-2.75"10-12'$199 (summer 2023)
#302.75-3.25"12-14'sold out
#573-4"14-16'sold out
#904-4.5"14-18'sold out
#1334.5-5.5"16-20'sold out