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Birch (Sweet)

Betula lenta

Yellow branches of Sweet Birch

The Sweet Birch, or Betula lenta, thrives high in the mountains often in dry, difficult conditions. Common in the wild, it is rarely offered in nurseries. People often focus on Birch trees with showy bark at the expense of the Sweet Birch. But the rich summer foliage and golden fall color are reasons enough to invest in this fine tree. The Sweet Birch shows high resistance to Bronze Birch Borer and Birch Leaf Miner, as well as tolerance for urban conditions and difficult growing sites. Also, the stems give off a pleasant wintergreen aroma when they are bruised, as an interesting side note. Betula lenta is also a long-lived tree with the oldest known specimen dated at 368 years old. Grows 40' - 50' high.

The Sweet Birch puts on an unrivaled fall show and should be planted where this can be fully enjoyed, such as among evergreens or other deciduous trees with orange and red fall color. A restful landscape scene often requires a mixture of both flamboyant and unassuming trees.

Table of tree prices
Tree Container SizeStem CaliperPlant HeightPrice
#1 field tree (spring and fall only).75-1"5-6'sold out
#101.25-1.75"6-7'$99 / sold out
#151.75-2"7-8'sold out
#1123.5-4.5"14-16'sold out