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Fir, Turkish

Abies x bornmuelleriana

Silvery-green needles of the Turkish Fir

Turkish Fir, or Abies bornmuelleriana, is a natural hybrid of Nordmann Fir and Greek Fir and has a noble form and outline as so many Firs do. The upper side of the fragrant needles is a medium green, but the needles curve upward, exposing the silvery undersides for added beauty. The seed cones are purplish-brown and 4-6 inches long. Turkish Fir is a fast-growing tree, reaching a height of 50'-80' with a 10'-15' spread.

A native of northwestern Asia Minor south of the Black Sea, Turkish Fir tolerates a wider range of temperature (meaning more summer heat) than most Firs. Also, this tree can handle less-than-ideal soil conditions, especially wetter soils. Mix Turkish Fir with deciduous trees to accent the fall color.

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