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Fir (White)

Abies concolor

Needles of a White Fir

Although native to the western US, White Fir, or Abies concolor, has also performed well in the East. Color on the 1-and-1/2-inch- to 2-and-1/2-inch-long needles varies from plant to plant, ranging from light blue to a medium green. The tree will reach 70' high and 25' wide. White Fir exhibits the distinctive fir trait of the cones appearing upright on the branches, but an interesting note on the White Fir is that it might not produce cones or seeds for the first 40 years! White Fir is a hardy tree, tolerating dry and compacted soil. The habit is spire-shaped and narrow with tiered branches.

The popular Colorado Spruce (also known as Blue Spruce) has a similar outline and foliage color to the White Fir. Since we are seeing increased Cytospera infestations on the Colorado Spruce, we are recommending the White Fir as a superior substitute. Use as a specimen, in groupings, or for screening.

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