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Spruce, Serbian

Picea omorika

Needles of the Serbian Spruce

Graceful, almost delicate, in form, the Serbian Spruce, or Picea omorika, is one of my favorite Spruces. The architectural structure gives this tree a very regal appearance. The pendulous branches curve upward at the ends in a graceful manner. New growth is a soft, light green maturing to an attractive blue-green. The purple flowers are subtly alluring.

Although native to Eastern Europe, Serbian Spruce is a highly adaptable tree with good urban tolerance. It grows 40'-60' tall with a 15'-20' spread. Although it can be used in any setting, the Serbian Spruce's real beauty shines forth when the tree stands alone as a specimen tree, highlighting its beautiful silhouette. When planted with other deciduous trees, however, in screens or groupings, the Serbian Spruce's form and foliage do make a wonderful accent for the brilliant autumn color.

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