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Tupelo (Black)

Nyssa sylvatica
Trunk and branches of the Black Tupelo tree
Black Tupelo (sometimes known as sour gum) is a very refined native when properly placed. The small, greenish-white flowers in springtime give way to oval, 1/2"-long fruits that are technically edible although quite sour (hence the name of sour gum). The fruits ripen to a dark blue and are very attractive to birds and wildlife. The foliage, glossy in the summer, exhibits spectacular yellows, oranges, or reds in the autumn. This tree usually maintains a strong central leader with horizontal branching. A dogged performer, it can handle a wide range of growing conditions. Black Tupelo, or Nyssa sylvatica, is a long-living tree; individuals several centuries old exist today. As mentioned, Black Tupelo can be situated in a wide variety of locations in the landscape. The horizontal branching is often used to stabilize solid backgrounds. Slow-growing, Black Tupelo usually reaches 40'-50' in height with a 20'-30' spread. Purchase one at Woodlawn today and bequeath its beauty to future generations!
Table of tree prices
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#904-4.5"14-16'sold out