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Maple, (Shantung)

Acer truncatum

Red-tinged leaves of the Shantung Maple

A native of East Asia, Shantung Maple (Purpleblow Maple), or Acer truncatum, performs admirably in North America. It is a tough, medium-sized beauty tolerating urban conditions quite well and exhibiting in the spring a burst of reddish new growth accented by the green older growth. This trait, however, is variable, with an excellent display one year and only a brief tinge of red new growth the next. Yellow spring flowers emerge with the spring growth. It exhibits a pleasant outline with a regular branching pattern although the habit is relaxed.

Shantung Maple can exhibit extremely brilliant fall coloration, but this also is variable from year to year. Although leaf spot can be a minor problem, this is certainly a very worthy landscape plant that is spectacular at its best. Grows 30’-40’ high with an equal spread.

Acer truncatum is best used as a specimen. If used in groupings, evergreens are often used as complements.

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