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Oak (Nuttall)

Quercus nuttallii

Nuttall Oak tree

Nuttall Oak (or Quercus nuttallii), a Pin Oak look-alike without the chlorosis problems, takes high-pH soils in stride. In the spring, the new growth emerges reddish purple, changing to a medium-green foliage during summer, and finally finishing out the season with excellent, orange-red fall color with a complete leaf-drop as a bonus. The species is known for developing a full pyramidal canopy at an early age and rounding out as it grows older.

Nuttall Oak develops good structure with a dominant central leader and usually reaches 50'-80' tall with a slightly smaller spread. Oaks are often associated with slow growth but not this one. Plan on at least two feet of growth per year and give your Quercus nuttallii plenty of room. Nuttall Oak is tolerant of hot temperatures and urban conditions and makes an excellent shade tree. It can also be confidently planted as a specimen or street tree in parks and golf courses and on campuses.

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