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Redwood (Dawn)

Metasequoia glyptostroboides

Red trunk and feathery, green branches of the Dawn Redwood tree
Gentle Grandeur

Soft foliage.
Insect and disease resistance.
Fluted trunk and lovely bark.
Fast growth.
Burnt-orange fall color.
Storm-damage resistance.
An all-around, excellent tree in the proper location.

Distantly related to the majestic Redwoods of the West Coast, Dawn Redwoods, or Metasequoia glyptostroboides, will furnish the same aura of grandeur for anyone walking among their feathery, pyramidal forms. And unlike the coastal Redwoods which are limited to high-pressure and moist atmospheric conditions, Dawn Redwoods thrive in eastern North America.

Native to western China and not discovered until 1941, Dawn Redwoods tolerate moist to wet soils and reach 70'-100' tall with a 15'-20' spread. Plant it as a specimen or, better still, in groupings to create your own California Forest. The soft, green foliage will blend almost anywhere.

Do allow plenty of room for your Dawn Redwood to reach for the sky; 2-3 feet of vertical growth per year under ideal conditions are common.

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