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Native Plants

Woodlawn trees are available in various root size containers, 10 gal. – 280 gal. Not all trees are available in each size. Please contact us for specific information on a certain tree of interest.

Scientific Name
Taxodium distichum
Although native to the southeast, this tree is hardy to northern Maine. It is found growing in swamps and can thrive in areas that are flooded year around. It is not only tolerant of wet sit...
Birch (Sweet)
Scientific Name
Betula lenta
High in the mountains in dry and difficult growing conditions the Sweet Birch thrives. Common in the wild, it is rarely offered in nurseries. Everyone is so busy looking for Birch trees with...
Birch, (River 'Dura-heat')
Scientific Name
Betula nigra 'Dura-heat'
A reliable, vigorous performer. This tree is native to stream banks in the eastern deciduous forest and is usually found growing in the wild with multiple stems, however, single stem specim...
Buckeye (Yellow)
Scientific Name
Aesculus flava
A lovely large native shade tree with several outstanding traits. The foliage is a rich green and more disease resistant than most Buckeyes. The early summer cream colored flowers show up af...
Cherry (Indian)
Scientific Name
Frangula caroliniana
What a fantastic plant! Not sure where all the garden professionals are...they sure missed it when they passed over this shrub/small tree. Lush foliage, striking late summer fruit and brilli...
Fothergilla (Dwarf)
Scientific Name
Fothergilla gardennii
Bottle-brush flowers in the spring and lush summer foliage. Disease resistant foliage...And the fall color! Mature size is 4-5' high and wide. Tolerates a wide range of growing conditions b...
Franklin Tree
Scientific Name
Franklinia altamaha
In 1765, John Bartram was appointed Royal Botanist for North America by King George III. Later that same year,Bartram and his son discovered Franklin Tree along the banks of the Altamaha Riv...
Hophornbeam, American
Scientific Name
Ostrya virginiana
A small to medium sized, native shade tree. And quite nice with its flaking bark that somehow blends perfectly with the medium green foliage. Fall color is yellow. Bark and structure make...
Hornbeam (American)
Scientific Name
Carpinus caroliniana
Rich summer foliage with a dash of reddish new growth. Fall colors of yellow, orange, red and burgundy. Fine textured structure with fluted trunk to add winter interest.This is a widespread...
Locust ('Twisty Baby')
Scientific Name
Robinia pseudoacacia 'Lace Lady'
A great conversation piece. Twisty Baby is a mostly sterile cultivar of the native Black Locust that inhabits abandoned fields and disturbed sites of Appalachia. The foliage is a striking gr...


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