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Beech (American)

Fagus grandifolia

Majestic. Durable. With smooth, grey bark and beautiful bronze fall color, the American Beech, or Fagus grandifolia, grows up to 80' tall and 50' wide. Beechnuts mature in the fall and are edible.

The obvious use for American Beech is as a specimen; however, utilizing it in groupings with other conifer evergreens is very attractive as well. Another option is to plant a grove of only American Beeches - a truly awe-inspiring scene. The foliage is especially beautiful in spring and fall, and the silver-gray trunks also provide beautiful winter interest as well. Perfect for use in large parks and lawns where the noble outline can be best appreciated.

While not unreasonably demanding, American Beech is not a tree for either extremely dry or heavy clay soils. Drainage is important since soil compaction will kill Fagus grandifolia.

Table of tree prices
Tree Container SizeStem CaliperPlant HeightPrice
#5.75-1.25"4'-5'sold out
#15 1.25-1.75"5-6'sold out